Iíve been competing as a bodybuilder since March of 2012. I have completed twenty shows so far, and after New York at the end of the 2014 season, the total will be twenty-seven. I started competitive bodybuilding after becoming a certified personal trainer to help promote my training career. I fell in love with the whole competitive part of this level of fitness: the healthy eating, the intense training regimen, everything. Competitive training has become somewhat of an obsession and I want to see how far this takes me in a sport where there is always room for improvement and space to grow. I enjoy testing myself and my limits for expansion and growth since I am a very competitive person by nature. I will continue to push myself to my limit and beyond. I love challenges and this challenge has led me to push myself to such levels that I almost canít believe that Iíve made it this far. I have competed in a total of eight local amateur events in and out of state, six national amature events in and out of state, and six pro events. I turned pro in July of 2013. All the pro events are out of state because New Jersey doesnít currently have a pro circuit. I continue to move forward in each event and my improved results have become addictive. It seems that I want more and more each time. Thanks so much for visiting my site and remember to check my blog for current events and opportunities to see and meet me.

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